Alexis De Sakhnoffsky Trucks


Count Alexis De Sakhnoffsky (1901 - 1964) was one of the prominent industrial designers and illustrators of the 'Streamline design' period. His association with White Motor Company led to creation of numerous truck designs. Some of them were implemented in real life while other remained as drawings. The most well-known streamlined trucks designs by de Sakhnoffsky were manufactured for Canadian Labatt's brewery on the basis of White trucks.
Cab-over-engine Fuel Tank Truck 1937

The model is done according to the drawings in patent D105,899 (filed Jan. 21. 1937; accepted Aug. 31. 1937) and original sketches. I have no information on whether these trucks were ever built.

This model is based on a standard White coe truck, modified to accomodate the streamlined tank. However, it possible that more radical modifications to the standard truck could have been done in real life. Also, figures in patent D105,899 are somewhat in disagreement. Fig.1. (top) suggests a relatively long wheelbase (probably 157' in terms of standard coe wheelbases) while Fig.3. (bottom left) implies a shorter wheelbase (probably 121'). When modelling both wheelbases were considered: 121' seems far too short, whereas 157' results in a excessively long tanker body. Thus both possibilities were rejected and the model was constructed using 139' wheelbase as a compromise. The ready model appeared rather short, so I might still modify it the future.

Interestingly, a similar design for semitrailer tank body was patented (D107,149; filed April 22, 1937; accepted Nov.23, 1937) at around the same time by Edward Gill, assignor to Andrew A. Kramer. A coincidence?
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