Alexis De Sakhnoffsky Trucks


Count Alexis De Sakhnoffsky (1901 - 1964) was one of the prominent industrial designers and illustrators of the 'Streamline design' period. His association with White Motor Company led to creation of numerous truck designs. Some of them were implemented in real life while other remained as drawings. The most well-known streamlined trucks designs by de Sakhnoffsky were manufactured for Canadian Labatt's brewery on the basis of White trucks.
White Truck 1937

A number of truck designs drawn by de Sakhnoffsky are shown in Fig 1, Fig 2 and Fig 3. The aim of this project was to re-create these desgns by 3D computer modelling.

The radiator shell of the truck was modelled according to the drawings in patent D98,919 (filed Jul. 17. 1935; accepted Mar. 17. 1936).
The bed of the truck is based on the drawings in patent D108,892 (filed Jan. 21. 1937; accepted Mar. 22. 1938).
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White-based Streamlined Tanker Truck 1938

This model is based on the drawings in patent D108,269 (filed Jan. 21. 1937; accepted Feb. 1. 1938). I have no information on whether this design was ever implemented in real life.

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The complete high resolution versions of all patents are available on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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