Cord 810 / 812

The model is build according to the original factory drawings.
I'm greatly thankful to Josh Malks for sending them to me, as well as providing other useful images and information.
His CordNet website is a comprehensive source of information on Cord automobiles.


1. Design for an automobile, patent number Des. 97,697 (Gordon Miller Buehrig; Dec. 2, 1935)
2. Design for an automobile hood structure, patent number Des. 99,973 (Gordon Miller Buehrig; Jun. 9, 1936)
3. Headlight structure, patent number 2,119,892 (Herbert C. Snow; Jun. 7, 1938)

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The modeling process

Westchester Sedan 1936-37

Phaeton 1936-37

Convertible Coupe 1936-37 (so-called "Sportsman")

Related models: These models will appear as they are ready:
  • Beverly sedan
  • Custom Beverly / Berline sedans;

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